Sunday, October 03, 2004


Choices, choices

Well, we have picked November, but we still have to pick books for January and November of next year (something appropriate about an SF group having to look to the future, isn’t there?). At the recent meeting we came up with several possible titles, so here they are for your consideration:

K J Parker’s Shadow

Sheri S Tepper’s Grass

Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash

Jeff Noon’s Vurt

C J Cherryh’s Cuckoo’s Egg (if it is still in print in the UK!)

Of course, we can still add in new ideas – email me at with your votes, bribes etc.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can comment on the blog now... and worked out the problem.

This blog doesn't like browsers other than Internet explorer...

Marvelous. *cries at the prevalence of microsoft and it's devotees*

10:00 pm  

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